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Hello There!


I'm Guy, an animator, illustrator, character designer, curator

 and Head of the animation department of Minshar school of art

I have run an independent business since 2011 and through the years I've had the chance to work on numerous projects of various styles and frames.

my work exists on the crossroad of artistic and commercial, I'm always on the lookout for the next thing, always learning and honing my skills.

I worship the relationship between visual art and music. 


Delighted to offer my services in animation, character and background design, illustration, visual art, curation and what not?





















2011-2015 'Minshar for art' 

Classic animation graduate


2022 | '24 frames Per Seconds' |Group Exhibition| TLV Museum Of Art

2021 | 'Time Curation' |Curator&Founder | Illustration Week TLV 

2020 | 'Pop Up Museum #2' |Street Art group exhibition|

Co Curator&Producer | Sponsored by Bulleit Bourbon 

2019 | 'Utopia Hotel' | Group exhibition|curated by Dana Gilerman

2019 | 'Pop Up Museum| Street Art group exhibition|curated by Yaara Zachs

2018 | 'Vice Versa' | Curator&Founder | Illustration Week TLV 2018

2018 | 'Skate of Mind' | Solo Exhibition | Kuli Alma

2018 | 'Zaluf' | Duo Exhibition | Sputnik Gallery

2017 | 'Skate of Mind' | Solo Exhibition |The Woods Gallery, NY

2016 | 'Shell we move' | Curator&Founder | Illustration Week TLV | Minshar Gallery

2016 | 'Animals' | Duo Exhibition | Halal Gallery

2013| Solo Exhibition | Shpagat Gallery

An Interview for Portoflio Magazine


Guest on Onion Skin - Animation Podcast


Some of the Clients I've Worked with



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